What is Gmanic?

  • A monitoring tool for Customers transactions and detection of abnormal cases
  • Capable of intelligently detecting anomalies in transactions
  • Able to calculate the risk of banking entities (to help the bank decide on customers)
  • With the ability to focus all tensions around real or corporate individuals
  • Enables online process creation (fast processing infrastructure capability)
  • Detects abnormal changes in customers’ transactions and notifies the bank
  • Announces issues containing suspicious transactions (including terminals, acceptors and cards) to the bank.
  • Provides reports comparing a customer’s behavior with a similar customer and the also the same customer’s past behavior

Gomanic Features

Inputs and outputs

  • Connecting to any type of database infrastructure
  • Connecting to web services
  • Ability to use file data
  • General view of input and output modules
  • Defining entities based on input data
  • Processing and refining the dimensions and characteristics of each entity in when retrieving data from infrastructure resources
  • Storage of process results for using in future steps
  • Integration of entities around individual identities (i.e.: customer, branch or headquarters employee)
  • Accessible and observable output in dashboard
  • Providing output as API
  • Providing data output directly from the database

Infrastructure and database resources

  • Providing access to databases related to transactions or any dataset needed to be monitored; such as card transaction data, account transactions, account and card information, and customer information.
  • In the case of staff users, other information such as system activity data is required.

Output entities

  • There are different types of entities, including branch users, staffs, customers and banking entities such as cards and accounts and more.
  • Each entity has basic data and computational dimensions and properties that form the basis of data refinement and definition of rules.
  • The entities created in the system are hierarchically connected to each other. For example, the card is connected to an account or a person. The hierarchy of the card is the account, the person. Bank facilities and warranties are also attached to the account.

Other features and items

These sections are described in detail in the technical document and can be requested through email.

  • Dashboard Rules
  • Report rules
  • Entity Reports
  • Entity Dashboard
  • Customers reports
  • Customers dashboard
  • Rule management
  • Label management
  • File management
  • Using machine learning algorithms to detect anomalies
  • Ability to define users with different access levels
  • Monitoring panel

Output validation

The validation process is based on the review of banking experts during the setup period. So far, Gomanic has been approved by experts and specialists of Ayandeh Bank, and now it is being utilized there. System outputs for management reports are regulated by experts through the system management panel and are the basis for preventive and promotional actions.